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Baltica is a paleocontinent that formed in the Paleoproterozoic and now constitutes northwestern Eurasia, or Europe north of the Trans-European Suture Zone and west of the Ural Mountains. The thick core of Baltica, the East European Craton, is more than three billion years old and formed part of the Rodinia supercontinent at c. 1 Ga.


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Niresh Srinesa says

"My parcel is lost for some reason, it says its been delivered, and royalmail posted a note saying its been taken back to the post office. I went and checked and they said it was delivered already Not happy"

Nick says

"I ordered 3 different things. One was on pre-order, but that appears to have meant all of my order will have to wait until the one on pre-order is able to be delivered? It never told me this when ordering"

Dave says

"Would give less if possible"

Bernadette Halkyard says

"Fenrir Games Giant Deluxe Jumbo 4 in a row (120x110cm) I purchased this garden game for my granddaughters birthday and it is unplayable. The inside of the frame is made of compressed materials that have split, and therefore the counters slide in front of each other and won’t create a line because the Integrity of the frame is unstable. It’s a great looking thing that’s only value is ornamental. I might as well have thrown £90 in a dustbin. I have a very confused granddaughter who cannot play her favourite game even though she has a frame. Unless they have changed the materials to wood or plastic, do not buy at all !! This review is not a reflection on chaos cards, their service is quick and easy."

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